The "Green Carpet" was rolled out for local businesses, government officials and community supporters who came out to honor Danny Felton and celebrate the grand opening of the Oasis at Miami Gardens.  

Oasis at Miami Gardens is a new, well-equipped and state-of-the-art co-working facility, one of the first of its kind in the community. It is the place to CLEAR your MIND and GROW your BUSINESS. The inspiring co-working office space provides a growth-haven for everyone – from emerging entrepreneurs to seasoned business executives. Oasis offers an array of options to suit the needs of brand-new startups, freelancers, second career entrepreneurs, and well-established enterprises.  Whether you just need a virtual presence in the area, an inspiring work space or the privacy of a meeting or conference room, Oasis at Miami Gardens has the accommodations to fit your desires.

Oasis at Miami Gardens is both growth driven and education centered. Through technical assistance, workshops, training and mentoring by business leaders and educators from across the country, our members become empowered and equipped with the resources needed for continued growth and success.
Inspired by the early, tech-driven co-working concept, it has been documented that co-working space increases the success of startups with its lean costs, collaborative community and social environment. At Oasis at Miami Gardens, networking is built in by design.  Along with meeting other businesses in the community, Danny Felton is making sure you can increase your exposure, brainstorm with other professionals and develop new friendships, partnerships and collaborations.  No leases or long-term contracts are required; however, membership has its privileges.  

Oasis at Miami Gardens, the place to go and grow!

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